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Monday, August 27, 2007

Schmitt Demands Ethics Commitee Investigation, Loses and Claims Bias

Once again, Schmitt wants it both ways. He bitched and moaned demanding his complaint against Dave Mejias be heard “I am extremely alarmed,” the Massapequa Republican wrote, contending that a deputy county attorney told his counsel that there are no provisions in the law for the county’s ethics board to determine whether Mejias, who happens to be in a highly competitive election race this fall, violated the county’s ethics rules, nor provides any sanctions if he did.These statements “are incredible,” Schmitt said. “The very duty of the Ethics Board and the reason for its existence is to investigate matters such as the complaint I filed against Legislature Mejias...I demand a statement from you that the Ethics Board can, and in fact, is acting upon my complaint.”

Now that the Ethics Commitee has reported back that Mejias did nothing wrong, Schmitt bitches and moans that the Committee was biased. "Schmitt said he wasn't surprised at the decision of the ethics board, which consists of Suozzi appointees.
"I still think he has a conflict, but I'm not surprised that Suozzi's appointees would bend over backwards to protect" Mejias, Schmitt said."

Then as usual, Schmitt makes an unfounded accusation against a member of the Ethics Committee "Schmitt said the ethics board was political, noting that member Stephen Turman, a Garden City lawyer, recently billed himself as a fund-raiser and strategic adviser to Democratic Legis. David Denenberg and Jeffrey Toback.

And Turman busts Schmitt in the Newsday article "Turman, however, said he recused himself from voting on Mejias case and did not attend any discussions of it.
"David is a friend of mine," Turman said. "I would not sit in on any case with any person that I have had personal involvement. Mr. Mejias was at my wedding. it would be totally inappropriate for me to sit in on a matter involving Mr. Mejais."

Once again we see Schmitt throwing out unfounded accusations trying to smear someone. That is why Schmitt is being sued. And this is a big pattern.


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