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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Big Mouth Strikes Again

Holy mackerel! Schmitt pushes and gets pushed back in a big way. The law firm of Crowe Deegan is suing Schmitt for defamation for suggesting that the firm is cheating the county. Schmitt wants Suozzi to "sever ties" with the law firm and wants an investigation. Fine. Bring it on. Firm partner Daniel Deegan told Newsday that "Schmitt had better check his facts and maybe get better legal advice before he makes statements that are patently false and wrong."
We know from past experience when Schmitt opens his mouth it's all lies and lies and lies. Now we have someone taking the brunt of those lies and fighting back. Kudos to Crowe Deegan.
Schmitt is telling News12 and Newsday that he will not be "intimidated." That's fine. Daniel Deegan says Schmitt never spoke to him. Par for course for Schmitt.
Is Schmitt defaming Crowe Deegan? Well, with Schmitt's history that is well-documented here we can put our money on Crowe-Deegan.

Schmitt is also trying to make a Crowe-Deegan campaign contribution to Suozzi an issue. And he's trying to connect Legislator Dave Mejias to this somehow. All we have to say is glass houses, Peter. Glass houses.


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