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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

We want that tainted money back!

In the Newsday article, Schmitt says Crowe Deegan should pay back the money it wa s paid by the county because it is from a "tainted work product."
Well heck, as nassau taxpayers we demand Schmitt repay his salary since 1996 because his malfeasense as Deputy Presiding Officer from 1996-2000 led Nassau to near bankruptcy. As Deputy Presiding Officer he was responsible for the county losing $70million in one year because of the BPA scam. Schmitt was non-chalant about the loss and has not been held accountable. As Minority Leader,(a situation that shall never change) Schmitt has done nothing but fight progress in the county. Despite Schmitt and the Gulotta republicans nay-saying the county financial situation is getting better.
As Deputy Presiding Officer, Schmitt made $62,000 a year for 4 years. That's $248,000 for a PART-TIME job where he LOST $70million plus almost bankrupted the county.
As Minority Leader, Schmitt made $60,000 a year for the past 4 years. That's $240,000 for a PART-TIME job where he has done NOTHING to fix the mess he helped create.
Schmitt OWES the taxpayers of Nassau County $488,000. That almost HALF A MILLION DOLLARS.
Schmitt has been paid nearly a HALF MILLION DOLLARS for what? To help bankrupt the county and then do nothing about it.

We want our "tainted money" back!!!!!

Note to Peter: Please make your check out to Nassau County, New York. You have 60 days to remit payment.


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