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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Why Can't Peter Just Tell the Truth?

Even the little things are tough for him.
On his website Peterjschmitt.com, he says he graduated from Hofstra in 1973. According to a Newsday article last year, "
Schmitt finished his bachelor's degree in political science at Hofstra, which awarded the degree eight years after he started, in October 1976, university records show. That date is at odds with his public statements in recent years. In 2004, he gave the graduation date as 1972 to Newsday. It is listed as 1973 on his Legislature Web site. And in 2003 he gave the date as 1974 to Massapequa weekly newspapers. Schmitt said giving the wrong graduation dates was an "oversight.

So the "oversight" continues.

I graduated from St. John's University in 1991. Ask me in 10 years and I'll still say 1991. Ask me in 20 years and it will still be 1991.
If he can't even tell you what year he graduated, what else isn't he telling you?

It's now time for Leadership You Can Trust.


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