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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Promises and Compromises pt. 2

On Dec. 28th we addressed the FACT that the Skelos/Schmitt Storm Water and Sewer Authority contained fee increases to off-set the savings the compromise lost from the original plan. When it was time to vote on the car fee increase that was intregal to the Skelos/Schmitt plan, Schmitt and his cohorts voted AGAINST the increase.
The Back Room column reports in today's Newsday that Presiding Officer Jacobs had some words ("her strongest language") about Schmitt ("obstructionists and irrational,") that were actually too kind by far. Apparantly the county is losing $26,000 a day because the republicans would not vote for the fee increase THEY wanted.
It's pretty simple - Schmitt wants the Democrats to vote for the increase alone so that in 2005 he and his Dishonest 8 can use a "DEMOCRAT TAX INCREASE" in their mailings and campaign speeches. Schmitt once again puts his own twisted ambitions ahead of the county and intellectual honesty.
From Newsday "Edward Ward, a spokesman for Schmitt, said Democrats were making a "feeble attempt to deflect attention away" from hearings next Wednesday on questionable spending practices in the county's economic development agencies."
Ed Ward at a salary of $80,000 a year was paid about $12 to pass off that BS.
The FACT is that there are no brave or honest republicans in the legislature to stand up and say "We committed to the compromise plan that we insisted on and we must now act accordingly." Where is Leg. Ed Mangano who seems to be an honorable guy? Why do the bidding of Schmitt? Why look like a dishonest obstructionist?

Call or e-mail Ed Mangano at EMangano@mail.co.nassau.ny.us or 516- 571- 6217 and ask him to have principles and vote for the fees his party wanted so that the county doesn't lose money

Call Schmitt at 516- 571- 6212 or e-mail PSchmitt@attglobal.net and ask him why he can't stand by his own compromise plan.


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