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Peter Schmitt Watch

Keeping tabs on Nassau County Legislator Peter J. Schmitt. The truth is here.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Programming Note

It's been awhile since this has been updated. I mean to do it but I've been busy over at Nassau GOP Watch.
Since most all the posts are going up there, I am phasing this site out and transferring the old posts to Nassau GOP Watch. That site is expanding more and more.
Does this mean I'm done with Peter Schmitt?
It's just easier to have everything on one site.
I will have links posted here to Schmitt stories and have tags to Schmitt stories on Nassau GOP Watch so they are easy to find.

Schmitt is still an anti-intellectual reprobate and I'm still going to report on what he is doing.

So come on down to Nassau GOP Watch, the party has just started.


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