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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Headache inducing

Oh jeez.

Let's try this one more time. The Skelos/Schmitt forced Storm Water and Sewer Autority (SWSA) compromise included vehicle registartion fee increase. It's what the republicans WANTED. Now they don't want it.

From News12:
"Republicans say they will try to put the brakes on the registration hike because they say drivers in Nassau should not have to pay more when Nassau doesn't need the money. The GOP blames the Souzzi administration for not being honest about money matters."

Who is being dishonest? The republicans who wanted the compromise that included the fee increase.

Schmitt says "They (the democrats) have not made thier case." HELLO! YOU wanted this!

Schmitt keeps up the BS "They told us the county would have a budget hole if we do not pass these fees."
Yes Peter, yes the county would have a hole in the budget because the budget that passed was based on the SWSA compromise which counted on the fee increase. The fee increase YOU WANTED.
How can this man lie to us with a straight face?

Schmitt continues "And as soon as the deal was brokered, they startred spending money like drunken sailors."
There seems to be only one person who is drunk here and it ain't a sailor.
It is getting really disgusting when a supposed "leader" and elected government official is willing to lie to the people.

Schmitt did not mind the fee increase when it was part of his compromise. It's all politics to Schmitt and to hell with the people.


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