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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Photo-op Pete 2

How cheesy is Petey? Why is his hand covering Tom Suozzi's name on the sign?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Photo-op Pete

There is going to be an interesting story this week but for now we'll go through some fun photo's with Pete.

Here is Pete "aiding" the clean-up of the Massapequa Preseve. He really worked hard in his slacks, sport coat and dress shoes. And TOBAY Council member Muscarella "participated" in a shirt and tie? These are the two best dressed volunteers!

And hey, is Pete flashing a gang sign or is that just an obscene gesture?

Thursday, March 11, 2004

The State of Peter Schmitt

So Schmitt is upset that Souzzi didn't spend more time on the "scandals." What did Schmitt want? He wanted Souzzi to get down on his knees, plead guilty to any and all wrong-doings even those not committed and beg forgiveness from Schmitt for daring to fix the problems in the county that Schmitt is responsible for. And then Souzzi should have resigned and backed Schmitt for county executive. THAT would have made Schmitt happy.
Schmitt also lives in a fantasy world where he is respected and well-liked for all teh good things he does.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Here comes the lawsuit

$25million lawsuit by Sylver accuser

From Newsday
"In the lawsuit filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Central Islip, she charges that the county legislature, particularly Minority Leader Peter J. Schmitt (R-Massapequa), "deliberately and publicly disseminated the painfully embarrassing, shocking and stigmatizing details" of her assaults at a legislative hearing to advance partisan political interests."
The woman signed the confidentiality agreement because she did NOT want the situation to be public.
Newsday continues with her lawyer "She was horribly treated and exploited by everybody," Calica said Wednesday. "Her immediate employer was a sexual predator. The county did not redress the wrongs done to her. And then Mr. Schmitt just betrayed her."
Ed "$80,000/yr part-time" Ward tries to defend Schmitt by saying this somehow vindicates Schmitt. and her complaint woul dnever have been made public w/o Schmitt. That's one of the points of the lawsuit!!! Schmitt made public what she did not what to be made public.
Ward says "The clear right thing to do was to direct her to the district attorney or the police department. Instead, they sought confidentiality agreements, promotions and secrecy."
Yes Ed, the right thing to do would have been to bring the woman to the DA instead of forcing her to appear before a legislature hearing and expose her to the public.

So this is now the second multi-million dollar lawsuit against Schmitt.
$10 million by Crowe-Deegan
$25 million by the employee
$35 million Total so far.

Shenanigans in the Massapequas?

Tuesday March 9th was a special election for the Assembly seat vacated by Steve Labriola. Republican Joe Saladino was running against Democrat Bill Funk. As usual a few Democratic signs went missing but the most curious thing was a phone call received by a N. Massapequa resident.
The polling place for that area is the Albany Avenue School. The phone call directed the voter to go to the McKenna School in Massapequa Park to vote.
You can hear the message in MP3 format here.

High Salaries?

Does Schmitt really want to go down that road?

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Schmitt "Brutally Honest????" Not at all

In the sunday Newsday Schmitt says "All three were known for being sometimes brutally honest, which is something that I have made it a point of trying to do." We all know THAT is a lie and a huge one at that. Whoever calls Schmitt a "Straight Shooter" hasn't done any research. The evidence is clear: Schmitt is a liar.

Here is an example from our archives from November 2003.

... The thursday before election day saw a letter from Schmitt published in Newsday. A week before the election, Cablevision pulled GOP ads because they were blatantly false. Schmitt wrote his letter in an attempt at damage control but merely proved that he and his party have been lying. Let's start with his lie about raising taxes.
For months and months the mantra for Schmitt and the Gulotta republicans was "Sixty percent increase in property taxes over the last three budgets, all Democrat." (Massapequan Observer 2/14/03), "...and raised our county property taxes by more than 60 percent." (LI Press v.1 I.9), "After they raised your taxes 57%" (Massapequan Observer 7/3/03), "The facts are that over the past three years, county property taxes have risen over 60 percent" (Massapequan Observer 3/28/03), "The Democrats have raised taxes 57%." (News12 Debate 10/22/03). Notice how the number shifts from 60% to 57%. Now here is the kicker from the October 2003 Newsday letter "Nassau Democrats voted to raise county property taxes 58 percent. That's an incontrovertible fact that Newsday simply cannot credibly deny, notwithstanding the paper's unabashed bias." WHAT? Now it's 58%!!!! AND instead of "raising taxes" Schmitt has changed his rhetoric to "voted to raise taxes." Here's more from the letter "And all anyone has to do is turn to the editions of Newsday that I've noted above to read in black and white that Nassau Democrats did vote to increase county property taxes 58 percent." We thought the "FACTS" were "60%"err... "more than 60%" err... "57%".. err "58% increase" err... the democrats "voted for 58%."
Schmitt has gone from claiming taxes were raised by democrats to merely "voted to." ....

Monday, March 01, 2004

A little story from Newsday

Sunday gave us a Profile in Deceit: The Peter Schmitt Story. Okay It wasn't called that but it should have been.
"A Straight Shooter" is how one section is entitled. That is worth at least a chuckle.
The article says "Schmitt stands 6-foot-4, weighs 238 pounds and his face is perpetually flushed. That, he says, is in his makeup." Actually the flushed face is well known at the Forest Inn and doesn't come from makeup.

Amazingly the description of Schmitt goes on to say "Schmitt, who earned $63,500 as minority leader last year, takes pride in his bluntness; he said he has never been able to stomach the evasiveness practiced by politicians from both parties." We wonder how Schmitt can stand himself then. Schmitt is as evasive as they come, squirming out of answering real questions by lying.
Schmitt says of his icons, "All three were known for being sometimes brutally honest, which is something that I have made it a point of trying to do," Schmitt said." "Brutally Honest??!??" This site has outlined and detailed his many lies. Schmitt can't even be honest about not being honest.
The article continues "At a hearing that night, Schmitt asked the woman, 23, about an "inappropriate" relationship with Sylver. Democrats and women's groups criticized him for violating her confidentiality. But Schmitt says that if he hadn't, "that would still be in the bottom drawer of the county attorney's office."
What Schmitt did was INTIMIDATE the young woman into coming forward and forced her into the spotlight when that is not what she wanted. Again, this is something we have been covering from the start.

On his drunk driving Newsday says "While Schmitt acknowledges that he erred by drinking and driving - he was convicted of one charge and pleaded guilty to a lesser offense on the other - he says he never hid his past from the constituents who have re-elected him by large margins." Maybe he gets "re-elected by large margins" because the republicans have a 3-1 voter registration lead over the democrats. The fact is that he got caught driving drunk twice and it is an open secret in Massapequa that he hasn't learned his lesson. Schmitt continued as a TOBAY commisioner after breaking the law not once but twice and he should have been fired. You "err" once when it comes to drinking and driving and the second time is knowingly breaking the law and not caring.
Schmitt claims Reagan as an icon and that is quite understandable. Reagan is quoted as saying "Facts are stupid things" and presided over crimes bordering on treason. Reagan was well known for his lying and evasiveness (158 "I don't recall" statements during Iran-Contra testimony") and out-right lies about himself claiming he was with the liberators of a concentration camp when in fact he never left the US during WWII.

More later......