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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Weee'rrrreeee Baaaaccckkkk

Okay, enough of this sitting around and enjoying the summer.
Schmitt is up to his old antics again (no not getting arrested for drunk driving - that we know of anyway.)

Schmitt's poor put-upon assistant/spokesperson/corrupt-republican-in-training Scott McMahon got fundraising letters from Tom Suozzi!!

We'll have more later on this plus a hilarious deer in the headlights photo of Suozzi's victim.
But first, here is McMahon spewing forth about this website last year.
"We are not going to respond to an anonymous website whish seems to be authored by some craven lacky whose time is spent misinterpreting Legislator Schmitt's comments."

We challenged the doofus to tell us what we were "misinterprting" but he never did.
And the "craven lacky" was a supurb touch to a lackluster response. Since this website doesn't work for anyone, we were wondering who were were lackeying to.
Oh well.

More later.....