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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Happy New Year

Wish-list for 2004

1) The safe return of our soldiers fighting the Bush War

I'd have more but this is the most important and the rest are trivial in comparision.

Monday, December 29, 2003

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It's all about being honest

Back on Nov 17th we went over the flip-flops, evasions and out-right lies Schmitt used before and during the campaign about the phantom tax increases by the Democrats. We mentioned a few places he repeated his false mantra and we just found another. In the October 29th South Bay News there was an amusing 4 page ad where Schmitt says the Democrats "...increased our taxes an unconscionable total of 57%."
Now Merriam Webster defines "unconscionable" as "not guided or controlled by conscience." Is that a description of someone who is willing to lie about anything to anyone to get elected?

Call Schmitt at 516- 571- 6212 or e-mail PSchmitt@attglobal.net and ask him why he can't be honest.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Promises and compromises

Say one thing and do another.. that's the way Schmitt and the Gullotta Republicans work. Over the summer Dean Skelos and Pete Schmitt conspired to kill the Storm Water and Sewer Authority which would have saved the county $25million. Because Schmitt is more concerned with power than doing what is right for the county he sought to punch a hole in the county budget.
After alot of bad press Skelos came back with a compromise which came up short in savings but made up for the loss with new fees. One new fee that was part of the REPUBLICAN push for compromise was a motor-vehicle fee. Schmitt approved of the compromise and now when it's time to stand by thier own compromise, Schmitt and his cohorts vote AGAINST the fee increase. Schmitt had nothing bad to say about the compromise. A compromise that he wanted. According to the Massapequa Post (10/15/03)"A compromise plan, with state approval was struck, that is more palatable, said Schmitt, but points out it would not have been accomplished had the Republicans not stood up and drawn a line in the sand.”

Call Schmitt at 516- 571- 6212 or e-mail PSchmitt@attglobal.net and ask him why he can't stand by his own compromise plan.

More to come.......

Thursday, December 18, 2003

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Monday, December 15, 2003

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Ignorant or unwilling to tell the truth.. which is it?

"New York City has cut spending in an effort to reduce the city's deficit, they have not turned to tax increases on the residents to achieve financial stability." Pete Schmitt (Long Island Press)

Whoa! NYC increased property taxes by 18.9%. Massapequa is not very far from NYC and we're sure Schmitt gets all the local NYC newscasts plus Newsday, NYTimes, Daily News all reported on the increase. Why can't Schmitt tell the truth?
Call him at 516- 571- 6212 or e-mail PSchmitt@attglobal.net.

Fun reading:

Sunday, December 14, 2003

The truth was never so true

From Sunday's Newsday LIFE section page G7:
You Know You're from Long Island If...
"... election signs go up on your neighbors' lawns telling you to vote republican. (What your neighbor doesn't tell you is that if he doesn't post the sign, he's probably out of a job.)"

Read about Nassau Republican Corruption:

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Schmitt on reassessment

In the December 4th Massapequa Post article on the tax bills we got this gem from Schmitt.

"N.C. Leg. Peter Schmitt (R-12LD), said he would have supported a much slower and more cautious approach to the reassessment.
"I don’t dispute the need for a reassessment, but it should have been based on some models and there should have been some exemptions built-in for seniors. I would have supported a more phased-in approach," he said."

Let's be honest here.... Schmitt and the Gulotta Republicans fought any sort of reassessment which is why the reassessment was by court order. By fighting reassessment for years the county lost BILLIONS of dollars in refunds to property owners AND court costs. If Schmitt and the Gulotta republicans really wanted a fair reassessment they would have begun the process 6 years ago.

The suit was filed in 1997 and finally settled in 2000. Why was it fought for almost 3 years? If Schmitt supported reassessment then he should have used his position as Deputy Presiding Officer to get the county to settle immediately.
We would have all been better off if the republican majority had taken the initiative to work out a reassessment plan and implement it years ago the tax hit would have been lessened. Instead we had heels dug in and forced a settlement which wasted time and money.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Schmitt and his easy math

Schmitt's letter to Newsday is too cute by half. He starts with the premise that Newsday is wrong by pointing out his incredible lies. Then he changes his story. First it was Democrats RAISED taxes and now it's they "voted to" raise taxes. To add to the BS in the letter Schmitt throws out usless numbers:
"Let's do some easy math. If you were paying $1,000 in taxes prior to the first Democrat vote to raise taxes
15.4 percent, you would have been paying $1,154 after their vote. Now, after the second Democrat vote to raise taxes (a 15-percent increase), you would have been paying $1,327.10. And after the third year of
Democrat votes to increase taxes (the 19.4-percent tax increase), your taxes would have gone to $1,584.55.
If you start with a base of $1,000 and after successive increases you arrive at a new total of $1,584, you have undergone a 58-percent increase"
BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. If frogs had wings they wouldn't bump their asses.
There was no 58% increase so Schmitt is just blowing smoke.

Here's some fun "easy math." Schmitts gross malfeasense as Deputy Presiding Officer of the legislature led to BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in DEBT to build. Schmitt is responsible for forlosing $70MILLION from the BPA SCAM.

Friday, December 05, 2003

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Monday, December 01, 2003

What does he mean?

During the election there was an ad placed in the October 29th Massapequa Post by Schmitt. He ends his ad on a curious note: "Re-elect PETER SCHMITT...Our Kind of Legislator."
Now the emphasis of "Our" is in the add. What does Schmitt mean by that?
What kind is Schmitt? We know he has a running battle with the truth. We know that because of his gross malfeasence the county almost went bankrupt. We know he is willing to say anything to get re-elected.
Is that the "kind" of legislator Massapequans want?
Schmitt describes himself in ads and mailings as "...Honest." The facts show otherwise.