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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Full of Schmitt

Schmitt raises some rightous indignation on News12 about the PROPOSED raises for the County Executive, Assessor, DA, and Clerk.
Schmitt practically screams at Scott Feldman "You don't try and sneak it in the middle of the night without any public scrutiny or without any public debate or public discussion. He should know better."
What the hell is Schmitt talking about????
Nothing is being "snuck in" because Schmitt as a legislator has to READ the budget proposal and then VOTE yes or no.
Schmitt is just plain LYING when he says there won't be "public debate or public discussion."
That is what the LEGISLATURE will be doing before they vote in the budget proposal.
I'm going to try to help Schmitt here...
Step 1. Suozzi sends budget proposal to the Legislature.
Step 2. The Legislature (which includes Schmitt) will read the budget.
Step 3. The Legislature (again which includes Schmitt) will have a public hearing on the budget.
Step 4. The Legislature (still including Schmitt) will VOTE on the budget.

No where in there is Suozzi sneaking in raises "in the middle of the night" or "
without any public scrutiny or without any public debate or public discussion."

It is up to the LEGISLATURE to approve or deny the raises.
That is how it works.
To use Schmitts own words, Schmitt "should know better."

Schmitt is hoping that he can fool Nassau residents into thinking that the raises are a done deal and no one can object to them.
Why does Schmitt think Nassau residents are stupid?

Here is the video of a red-faced Schmitt doing a great job of looking like a bufoon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Schmitt Admits to Not Doing His job

Look, I know that sometimes life can be busy. Heck, I have 3 kids under 4.
But if all you do is be a part-time Legislator and not have any other job, you can at least read the budget proposal given to you.
In a story in Newsday, it is revealed that in the budget proposal for next year there are salary increases from the County Executive to the County Clerk.
The budget proposal is a public document.
Schmitt as Minority Leader was given a copy.
This is what he said to Newsday about the raises "Minority Leader Peter Schmitt sa
id he was "disappointed" that Suozzi did not tell the legislature about the raises, which were in the salary lines of each elected official in a "telephone-size" supporting budget book. "I have always been supportive of the idea of salary increases," Schmitt said. "I think everyone is underpaid relatively speaking, but this is not the right way. This is sneaky."

Whoa! How is putting the raises in th ebudget under its own line "sneaky?"
Sneaky would have been hiding the raises under a different budget line.
Maybe Schmitt should just read the budget.
You know, do his job.
Last time Schmitt was lazy about reading a proposal, Nassau County lost $70million.

Yes, the budget is "telephone-size" which I guess he means telephone book-sized but it is Schmitts job to read it before votes on it.
Did Schmitt want someone to write a Cliff Notes version for him?

To parapharse Schmitt for his response to Suozzi's State of the County Address earlier this year "Peter, Do. Your. Job."

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Why Can't Peter Just Tell the Truth?

Even the little things are tough for him.
On his website Peterjschmitt.com, he says he graduated from Hofstra in 1973. According to a Newsday article last year, "
Schmitt finished his bachelor's degree in political science at Hofstra, which awarded the degree eight years after he started, in October 1976, university records show. That date is at odds with his public statements in recent years. In 2004, he gave the graduation date as 1972 to Newsday. It is listed as 1973 on his Legislature Web site. And in 2003 he gave the date as 1974 to Massapequa weekly newspapers. Schmitt said giving the wrong graduation dates was an "oversight.

So the "oversight" continues.

I graduated from St. John's University in 1991. Ask me in 10 years and I'll still say 1991. Ask me in 20 years and it will still be 1991.
If he can't even tell you what year he graduated, what else isn't he telling you?

It's now time for Leadership You Can Trust.

  • Monday, September 03, 2007

    I'm in Newsday Today

    Any press is good press.

    "CHALLENGERS' CORNER: Beyond those mentioned last week, a few challenges to incumbents in the Suffolk and Nassau legislatures promise some crossfire in the upcoming election season, long shots though they may be. Democrat John Rennhack, who keeps his Nassau GOP Watch Web site loaded with fresh verbal assaults, is making another go at the seat held by GOP Minority Leader Peter Schmitt, with taxes and lawsuits his theme."