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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Is Schmitt Lying Again?

Of course he is.

The July 20th Massapequa Post article about Schmitt’s community forum caught my attention. At the forum he said that gang meetings were being held in the Massapequa Preserve. According to Schmitt, "Gangs have been holding meetings in the Massapequa preserve. They have been dividing up the county into zones during these meetings. They have come from as far away as South Carolina. I know this because a police officer on the scene told me." Schmitt says he got this information from a “police officer on the scene????”
I am curious to know, was this an undercover officer?
If the officer was undercover, then Schmitt has compromised that officers safety and his investigation.
Was the officer in uniform? And if a uniformed officer was present for this meeting, why weren’t there arrests made of apparent leaders of a major gang movement?
I haven't seen any reports in the local media of a gang bust in the Massapequa Preserve.
Is Schmitt just making things up again? From the other comments he made in the article, it seems so.
Schmitt cites a “decreasing number of police officers” and yet the Nassau Police Academy is currently graduating officers from full classes. Schmitt goes on about the increase in crime but thankfully Leg. Mejias and DA Dillon have both shown that Schmitt is just plain lying about that.

Mejias said "Gang activity is actually down 38 percent from a year ago. Schmitt’s comments are nothing more than an election-year ploy."
"Dillon, a Republican, actually held a press conference awhile ago that denounced Schmitt for lying about crime rates. Forbes magazine named Long Island number one in the nation with the fewest crimes relative to its population in the May 23 issue."
When confronted about his lies in the article and his lies in the past, Schmitt simply brushes them aside as if lying to his constituents is the right thing to do. I believe that is wrong and I would bet the rest of the district does too. What Schmitt and his republican cohorts are doing is nothing more than fear-mongering in an election year. If Schmitt’s re-election campaign is based on lies and fear, then all I have to say with apologies to Joseph Welch, “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”
Also in the article, attendees at the meeting said that Nassau County is becoming more “urban.” John O’Brien, a former Massapequa Park Village Board Trustee complains "I would like to see improvements in the congestion and high taxes as well."

We know of course that that is the new campaign theme for the Nassau republicans. Also, that it is local zoning boards, not Nassau County that controls what is being built in our neighborhoods. If there are complaints about “congestion,” those concerns should be expressed to the zoning boards and the Town Board and Supervisor or in the case of Massapequa Park, the Mayor and the Trustees.

Where are the media questions about Schmitt's allegations of gang meeting the preserve?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Schmitt Gets Spanked

We all know that Schmitt will say anything and do anything to score political points. He lies without conscience and practically without consequence. He will also jump on anything he can and try to make it bigger than it is.
Take for expample the "Parks Scandal" where two county parks employees were caught falsifying time sheets. County Executive Suozzi refered the matter immediately to the District Attorney, fired the two works and accpeted the resignation of thier boss.
Schmitt saw the time sheets problem as an opening to go after Suozzi's inner-circle and demanded that Chief Deputy County Executive Anthony Cancellieri resign.
DA Dillon has cleared Cancellieri of any wrong doing in regards to a time sheet for former Nassau Deputy County Executive Michael Klein.
According to Newsday, Dillon said "The credible evidence available at this time establishes that the Somos El Futuro Legislative Conference included matters of interest to Nassau County and that Mr. Klein's attendance, as well as that of the others in the Nassau delegation, pertained to those matters."
CE Suozzi took the opportunity to give Schmitt a good spanking "This was the second time Mr. Schmitt was wrong in the allegations he was making. When you go as far as to make unfounded allegations against a member of my staff, you've gone too far"
Schmitt of course responds the way he always does ignoring the facts and just keep on attacking "It's legal but it's not appropriate"
Doing county business and getting paid your salary for it is "not appropriate?" What's not appropriate is a liar like Schmitt representing the 12th Legislative District.
It's time for him to go.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Schmitt writes a letter....

Schmitt’s August 2nd letter to Newsday is just more of the same from a politician who is willing to say anything and do anything for political expediency. Schmitt blames County Executive Suozzi for Schmitt voting against the regional planning board. Schmitt then blames Suozzi for Village Officials Association and the Town Supervisors for not getting back to the legislature. Schmitt admits he supports the legislation so Schmitt was for the legislation before he voted against it.
When Schmitt says that Newsday is “never one to let facts get in the way of partisan attacks,” it’s just laughable. Schmitt is the master of fact-free partisan attacks. During the 2003 election Schmitt claimed as “fact” that taxes were raised alternately 57%, 60% and then 58%. This year the claim is 42%. What is the real “fact?” Turns out it’s “none of the above.” Schmitt claims that crime is on the rise yet fellow republican District Attorney Dillon has had to publicly correct him stating “Mr. Schmitt did not even take the time needed to get the facts before he made a significant speech.”

And Schmitt demands Newsday do it’s “homework?” Indeed.
Schmitt has a long list of “facts” he throws out that turn out be bald-faced lies. Schmitt follows Ronald Reagan’s famous axiom “Facts are stupid things