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Monday, May 08, 2006

Long Island Marathon Outrage

May 8, 2006 (Mineola) The results are in for the Long Island Marathon and the Republican delegation of the Nassau County Legislature has denounced the results. "Once again we see that Tom Suozzi and the Democrat party are giving Queens residents preferential treatment." Minority Leader Peter Schmitt said refering to the winner of the marathon Carlos Grisales living in College Point. "I don't know why Suozzi could not get a Nassau County resident to win." Schmitt continued, "Democrat Legislator Dave Mejias even ran the race and didn't do anything about it. Mejias is just another Suozzi rubber-stamp."
Republican spokesman Ed Ward said in a prepared statement "Of the top five runners, only one was from Nassau County. Three were from Queens and the other came from New Jersey. If County Executive Suozzi would spend more time in Nassau County instead of running for governor, this wouldn't happen. We need a full-time county executive who will make sure the Long Island Marathon is won by the taxpayers who pay his salary."
Legislator Denise Ford (R-Long Beach) tells NGW "I say whatever Peter Schmitt says. That's my own opinion. I am an inpependent thinker and I independently thought to agree with whatever Peter Schmitt says."
Legisaltors Nicollelo, Muscarella, Gonsalves, Mangano, Becker and Ciotti all said the same thing Leg. Ford said.
Legislator Dennis Dunne (R-Levitown) said "I was stuck in my car on Old Country Road for a couple of hours. Whats with all the people in the street?"
The Nassau County Republican party plans to use the race results in a new series of television ads called "Suozzi Can't Run from Marathon Results." The ads are expected to blanket local cable channels by weeks end.